Jelly Camera Phone Filters
If you’re anything like me, then the camera you generally reach for is the one that fits right in your back pocket – your phone. And while my camera phone definitely gets an “A” for convenience, it doesn’t score as high when it comes to creativity.

Let’s face it – they’re there mostly for function – not to win you first prize at your local photography contest.

But with the cool new filters I’ve discovered, you can turn your plain old camera phone photographs into super cool works of art. 

Just pop these cool jelly camera filters from Photojojo onto most any cell phone camera lens.  The camera filter sticks with a harmless, reusable gummy ring and turns those regular shots of your kiddos into funky, frameworthy shots.

Each of the three filters – starburst, wide angle, and my fave the kaliediscope – all come with keychain loops. So if you’re getting a little bored at the playground, you can pop one on your phone and turn the 15th time down the slide into a cool photo shoot without wasting time trying to find your camera filters amidst the Cheerios and sippy cups that is your bag. -Kristen

Find the jelly camera phone filters along with a slew of other cool photography accessories at one of our fave shutterbug shops, Photojojo.

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