sesame street for wii
Confession: My husband and
I have a Wii, and our 3 year old daughter doesn’t even know it
exists. I’m not a big fan of little kids who are addicted to video games. I get uncomfortable seeing a family out to dinner with a child who’s old enough to sit still and behave, instead ignoring everyone, buried in the pixels.

 So, you can imagine how hesitant I was when the people at the
Sesame Workshop invited me to try out their new video games for

Well, call me a changed woman.

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The Sesame Street video games (launching today!) are simply awesome, and
considering kids need to jump and swing their arms to play the Wii
version, I’d actually rather my daughter play with the games than
sit watching a video, motionless.

Basically they’ve brought interactivity and gameplay to the same educational
construct Sesame Workshop has successfully used to teach three decades worth of kids.

Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure Game focuses on learning letters, sounds, and early reading skills; while Cookie’s Counting Carnival Game is about numbers and
basic math. There are enough different game options that kids won’t get
bored quickly, and the games are very intuitive and include helpful audio prompts. 

sesame street elmo's a-to-zoo adventure video game
What’s particularly neat is that both games for the Wii come with a “gameplay
helper”- A soft and fuzzy character cover with special grips that
slips over the remote, minimizing unnecessary buttons and making it
easier and more fun for little hands to hold. They also have an awesome parental
assist feature, which means you can use a second Wii remote to
help your child without having to take their remote away.

If you’re playing on Nintendo DS, you’ll get a jumbo click stylus designed for smaller
hands, plus a wrist strrap so it won’t fall under a car seat and cause a meltdown while you’re doing 65. Sesame Workshop has really though of everything here.

Oh you muppets, you won me over again. -Torrie

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