silly bandz nintendo DS game
Well, it was only a matter of time before our favorite landfill-embellishing cheapo kid pleaser made the licensing rounds. Any day now I expect Silly Bandz bedding, Silly Bandz bike accessories, and a Silly Bandz animated series on Nick Jr. featuring the made-for-TV Silly Bandz Band, with Imagination Mover Dave Poche on guitar.

But for now? We’ll just have to settle for the Silly Bandz game for Nintendo DS coming out next month in time for holidays.

Evidently the Zoo Games Inc. game has players trying to rescue captured Silly Bandz
(oh noez!) using the Bandz that they’ve got on hand, which teaches
children the very important skill of flicking rubber bands at others.
There will be 40 levels and four environments to keep things
interesting, plus a versus mode for fantastic elastic two-person

Of course the best part for kids: Each game will comes with a 12-pack of Silly Bandz shaped like joysticks and arcade machines.

I have no idea how good the Silly Bandz game will be. But I can imagine how much my kids will be begging for it. –Liz

Keep an eye out for the new Silly Bandz game for Nintendo DS in early December from Zoo Games Inc.

[photo via silly bandz]

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