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It’s nearly Halloween, and we think moms deserve a little treat of their own. Subscribing to the new Cool Mom Tech newsletter is the perfect indulgence. In fact, signing up is easier than swiping all the Smarties from your kid’s pillowcase, plus you won’t have to hear any whining afterwards.

So what’s coming to haunt you?

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1. Our monthly email newsletter with great deals and the inside scoop on the latest tech gear and topics you’ll be dying to know about. It’s a boo-tiful thing.

2. A chance to enter our utterly amazing monthly subscriber-only drawing. This month, it’s a Shutterbug Package worth over $250 and including your choice of sleek Epiphanie camera bags, a photo book from Shutterfly, a copy of the Shutter Sisters book, and a coveted spot in Tracey Clark’s holiday photo workshop, Picturing the Holidays.

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3. All treats, no tricks means no spam and no sharing of your email,
ever. Folks who do that deserve a trick-or-treat bag full of
toothbrushes, walnuts, and those pencils with the lead that always
breaks. Or a flaming bag of poo.

It’s freaky easy to sign up, too. Subscribe to the Cool Mom Tech newsletter here.Then put on a pair of fangs and wait for the utterly non-fattening treats to roll in.

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