You are the CSS to my HTML t-shirt
I can’t code my way out of a paper bag, but I figure that’s why I have so many awesome friends who use their tech savvy to work amazing magic all over the internets. And I’ve got a pretty good hunch that they’d all appreciate this “You are the CSS to my HTML” shirt from Pop + Shorty.

Printed on a soft cotton American Apparel tee, you can snag it for own geeky self or for your favorite friendly tech maven, along with some of the other awesome tees at the shop. In fact, you just might want to stash it away for the holidays now, for your geeky sigOth.

While I admit I may not know exactly what CSS and HTML stand for (Cascading Style Sheets and Hypertext Markup Language – who knew?), or how they’re actually related, I’m a hopeless romantic. And my guess is that it’s the equivalent to asking someone to back up your hard drive. If you get my meaning. -Kristen

Check out the You are the CSS to my HTML shirt at Atlanta-based Pop + Shorty.

EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! We’ve got this very shirt to give away to a lucky Cool Mom Tech reader drawn at random. To enter, email with CSS SHIRT in the subject, by midnight PT tonight, and tell us the two other shirt designs at the shop. Good luck!

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