Mamas and Papas MAGIC Astro Bouncer
It’s amazing how far baby gear has come in the last few years since I was spending way too much time virtually shopping for my online registry. Bouncy chairs no longer just…you know, bounce. Oh no. Now they are promoted as full-fledged baby entertainment systems.

Is it overkill? Sometimes. But there is one bouncer that I’m quite impressed with.

The MAGIC Astro Bouncer
(MAGIC!) from UK’s Mamas and Papas is just now
available in the US with the rest of their line of top-selling baby gear, and it’s pretty darn
cool. If not flat out MAGIC.

I love the soothing, neutral color palate which is actually an interest
contrast to all the tech smarts that went into the bouncer. An
interactive kick pad projects light shows and sound to keep the baby
engaged and the bounce vibration settings are meant to mimic a mom’s

magic card
The real news however is the optional MAGIC Cards
(at right – MAGIC!) you can buy for about $30. The same way e-readers for kids work, you pop one in and it adds four new
entertainment settings plus 150 songs, sound bursts, and
rhymes. So basically when you’re tired of hearing the same lullaby over and over you can switch to another.

Personally, I really like the decent stereo speakers and the
MP3 connection– so you can play your baby actual Bach and not the tinny
pre-programmed stuff.

Or better yet, record your own voice so the kiddo feels safe while you
grab a 90-second shower. Which really, is the point of a bouncer in the
first place. –Liz

Find more about the MAGIC Astro Bouncer online at Mamas and Papas, or buy it directly from Babies R Us

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