iPod Touch
I tend to take an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” attitude when it comes to my gadgets. I’m perfectly happy with my plain old iPod, and really I figure if it’s working well for me, then I don’t exactly need the newest, prettiest model. But that doesn’t mean I don’t covet them. I just need a good excuse to get a new one.

With the new Toys R Us trade-up program, I think I just found it.

Starting this Sunday, October 17 through October 23, you can bring up to
three working iPods to one of 550 participating Toys R’ Us stores for up to
$100 credit towards a new model. They’ll make sure your prehistoric iPod
is actually working (sorry, no cracked screens or Nanos that the kid threw into the toilet) and offer you the value
based on your unit’s model and age.

If you agree to the trade,
you’ll get a gift card to to use towards a new, pretty iPod. It’s the
perfect opportunity to treat yourself to that new iPod you’ve been
eying, or get rid of the couple ancient ones your husband might have
stuffed in the back of his nightstand drawer. Ahem. -Kristen

Check with your local Toys R’ Us store for details and to see if they’re participating in this cool iPod trade up program.

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