The Women's Conference 2010
If you have SIRIUS XM, you know it’s not just about 80’s music and 47 channels of sports. Or at least it’s not this Saturday, when you can even tune in for some heavy-duty female empowerment.

On October 30, SIRIUS XM will broadcast key speeches and interviews from The Women’s Conference 2010, with impressive speakers like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, The Honorable
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Eve Ensler, and Mary J.
Blige all speaking on issues of women’s empowerment.

This is, actually, the first time I heard of The Women’s Conference, a three-day forum created in 2004 to empower women to transform
themselves and change the world. With 150 impressive speakers in
total, and hosts Maria Shriver and what’s-his-name, her husband, there should be a lot of powerful stories this weekend.

Tune into SIRIUS XM (SIRIUS 102/XM 155) starting at midnight tonight and see what’s what.

Speaking for myself, I could use a
little transformation and world-changing in my life right now. In between
changing diapers and making peanut butter sandwiches, I do sometimes
wonder what else I’m capable of. Not that I’d trade any of that for the world – but who knows what these women may empower
me to want to do? –Elizabeth

Find out more about The Women’s Conference and SIRIUS XM (SIRIUS 102/XM 155).

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