Having spent the greater part of my adult life being mocked for being slightly — okay totally, pathologically germ phobic, I have to say the new VIOlight cell phone sanitizer has me feeling pretty vindicated. Just today I read that one’s cell phone screen has 18 times more germs and bacteria than a toilet handle. Blurg!

Think about it: how many times have your kids played games on your phone right before you pick up an incoming call? And we all know what walking petri dishes kids are.

The VIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer has me completely sold on this small device that lets you slide your
cell phone (or MP3 player, or ear buds) inside, then 4 minutes later, thanks to a quick bath in germ-killing UV light, it’s 99% pathogen-free. And I’m talking about truly icky stuff like e.coli and the H1NI virus.

Now I don’t have a CSI kit to confirm that all the germs were gone once I used the VIOlight UV Sanitizer, but I can tell you that my phone did actually smell different when it came out. I’m hoping what I was smelling was clean.

The Cell Phone Sanitizer is a reasonable investment at $49.95, but then again, I spend a small fortune every year on cold medicines. Now, if only VIOlight made mittens.

Order a VIOlight cell phone sanitizer, and other germ-eradicating devices, at VIOlight.com. And click over to Cool Mom Picks for our past review of the fantastic toothbrush sanitizers from VIOlight.

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