National Teachers Registry
Every year I’ve done my best to purchase items that are on our teachers’ classroom wish list that are sent home in the kids’ folders or in the class newsletter. But it’s hard to know what’s already been purchased and if there are any other items that they might want but just haven’t been added.

Not any more.

This year, I’m encouraging my son’s teacher to use the brand new National Teachers Registry that I, along with the other classroom
parents, can make their classroom wishes come true. Or at least the
school supply part.
This free service for schools and teachers  them to create a classroom wish list, grab those books and pencils and spiral notebooks from the site itself, and have them all delivered right to the teacher. Apple not included.

Among the various companies that
have products listed, Borders Book Store just added over 80,000 book and
music titles just for our hard-working educators. That’s a lot of books and music! In addition, parents who use the Borders rewards program can donate
their Borders Bucks rewards points to a specific classroom. Teachers can register to receive
these donations and Borders will match each donation through the month
of December. So awesome!

What I love is that both programs are completely free for the teachers and better, will really help us parents fill their classrooms with even more of what they need to help better serve our kiddos. -Kristen

Make sure to tell your child’s teacher about the National Teachers Registry as well as the Borders Rewards program!

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