Geek Necklace
Halloween is just barely behind us which means at Cool Mom Tech, we’re already on the lookout for the most fabulous holiday gifts for the tech-inclined. Of course we’re not limiting the search to the electronics department of major stores; not when there are so many geek-chic items waiting for us on our beloved Etsy.

Case in point: this fabulous geek necklace
from Piano Bench Designs. Alayna, a self-taught Albuquerque jeweler, is
putting herself through grad school with all sorts of fun sterling wire
necklaces of single words. I haven’t seen it in person, but with 840
happy customers under her stylish belt, I’m going to say, go for it. I even like the angular
chain, which sets off the curvy type perfectly.

Not a fan of geek? There’s always chic. Put them together and you just might be onto something.

Find the geek necklace and other lovely designs at great prices online at Piano Bench Designs.

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