Having always been a gadget girl, I remember experiencing sheer joy in getting my first business-oriented electronic device – a Palm Pilot. The black and white pixilated screen, the cradle you’d rest it in every night to sync, and who could forget the stylus pen. It had its own little home on the Palm Pilot that you’d slide it out of whenever you were ready to tap, tap, tap away.

As everybody began jumping on the touchscreen bandwagon, stylus pens lost their mojo for a while, but they seem to be making a comeback.

iPad stylus by Hard Candy

Of course all of the “i” devices–iPhone/iPad/iPod–are designed for finger use,
but there are a few times when a stylus comes in handy: 1) If
your fingers are large and you keep hitting the wrong buttons when you
type, 2) When taking notes or documenting anything in writing on your
iPad, or 3) If you live in an area that has frigid winters and you can’t
bear to take off your glove to use your device.

The Hard Candy iPad Stylus
which can also be used on iPhones, is a beautiful accessory to your
beautiful device. It is dual purpose and has a stylus on one end, pen on
the other. This Stylus is hefty (it weighs almost as much as an iPhone)
and costs $34.95, but could be a nice complement to your gadget and it looks great too.

Now, if only they could figure out a way to have it attach.  – Jeana

[via GeekSugar]

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