LevelUp Aperture Gaming Storage for Wii
We’re Wii fanatics around our house and sadly, it’s pretty obvious. We’ve got games, remotes, and yes, even guitars haphazardly strewn about our basement.

But then I got the LevelUp Aperture gaming storage tower, and I shed a little tear of happiness every time I see it. And boy, do you need this if you plan on stocking up on gaming essentials this holiday.

This simple, smart organizer features space for your games, remotes, and
two guitars, as well as your actual Wii console. It took my husband all of two minutes to set it up and since then, I haven’t tripped over a fake Fender yet.

I could do without the
“Wii” logo plastered on it since it’s pretty obvious what it’s for, but considering how
handy the thing is, I don’t really care. And while it’s definitely
a functional plastic tower, until Jonathan Adler or Karim Rashid decides to market a gaming storage tower, this is
definitely the next best thing. -Kristen

Purchase the LevelUp Aperture Gaming Storage Tower for Wii at Toys R Us.

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