Moms Made Easy iPhone app - family information organizer
Not to toot my own horn, but honestly, sometimes I’m amazed at the wealth of information I’m able to contain in my head–and access at a moment’s notice. Kids’ birthdays, kids’ friends’ birthdays, my friends’ birthdays, my friends’ kids’ birthdays, anniversaries, doctor’s appointments, deadline dates for camp registration, payment dates for kindergarten…you get it.

Moms are like walking Libraries of Congress. At some point, we need to start sorting, classifying and organizing all that information to prevent a server crash and burn.

This is where technology comes into play. Hooray for iPhone apps!

There’s one in particular called Moms Made Easy
that keeps all the vital information about your children in one place.
You can create a repository of information for each child and there are
fields to input information such as social security numbers,
babysitters, medical information, and phone

The best part is that you can upload contacts directly
from your address book, so there is no need to manually type each number
in. You can even set push reminders for important birthdays, holidays
and events, and password protect the app since you’ll be storing a lot of vital info in there.

Now that you have all this extra room in your brain, what are you going to think about? Well, there’s always Angry Birds. – Jeana

The Moms Made Easy app for the iPhone and iPod is available for $2.99 at iTunes. And psst…dads can use it too.

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