We know moms can change the world when we put our minds to it–so we can certainly change an election. But first, we have to show up! If you’re not sure where to vote, check out Google Vote at http://maps.google.com/vote.

google vote

Alternately, just type “polling place” into your Google search bar and
type your address right into the box that appears in the results. Either
way, it will hook you up with a fast look at your polling place, and
directions there too. Plus, it’s got a list of your local candidates, and the contact info for your local election office.

Another good site: Vote411.org.
If nothing else, so you can jot down your election and assembly district numbers, and save yourself one more line at your polling place.

The only caveat: My polling place changed recently and neither site has
acknowledged it yet. If you’re in the same situation, double check with your election office . Or, call 1-866-MYVOTE1 and talk to a real person. Sometimes technology isn’t everything. –Liz

Get out the vote mamas!

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