namecatcher app
I know all the tricks that are supposed to help you remember people’s names: Say it within 10 seconds of meeting someone, come up with a mnemonic, or what I most often resort to, never, ever use their name in conversation.

Well here’s one more trick: A new iPhone app made to help you do this very thing. And it’s a lifesaver for moms like me.

I soooo needed the Namecatcher
which is designed to store the names of all those folks in your life,
where you just draw a big blank. I’m thinking: My son’s roller hockey
coach, the mom I met at parents’ night, or the guy who’s been delivering
my mail for the past 12 years.

Namecatcher app
All you need to do is enter those names under general categories and a
tidbit or two of personal information to jar your memory–like other
kids’ names, a recent trip taken, political views. There are smart
little touches too, like a recording option for when you don’t have time
to input information right away and (this is super cool) a GPS function
so you can store a location associated with specific contacts.
It’s not the sexiest of interfaces, but it sure does the trick.

Now, instead of a quick Hi, when I pass someone I’ve met
in the supermarket, I can stop, smile, and ask Marla whether Brianna and
Jasper enjoyed the sweet potato recipe she told me about last week in
Starbucks. Hey, if I can’t be completely on-the-ball, at least now I can
fake it really well. -Betsy

Download the Namecatcher iPhone app at the iTunes store.

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