I fondly remember the little plastic radio that sat on my great-grandmother’s shelf, buzzing and humming while she baked. I don’t remember any actual music or discussion, mind you– just an annoying buzz. But the useless thing sure was adorable, even covered with flour.

This little beauty is even better– useful, cutting edge, and still cute as a button.

The Orla Kiely EVOKE Mio Digital Radio and iPod Player
from one of our favorite accessories designers would literally knock the stockings right off my Nanny. It’s simply
jam-packed with features, including digital AM/FM radio and an input for
iPods and other mp3 players. It also has a wickedly clear OLED display,
and 30 presets, which is probably more than you’d ever need considering the state of radio these days.

There’s also a handy chargePAK
with up to twenty-four adorable hours of use between charges or when the lights go out. All that
in a lunchbox-style case that looks deliciously retro.

But I’m
sure my Nanny’s favorite feature, outside of the rampant amount of
pretty, would be the dedicated kitchen timer. And, you know, the music.~Delilah

The Orla Kiely EVOKE Mio Digital Radio and iPod Player
is available only through Orla Kiely and John Lewis, with expansion to other retailers in 2011. C’mon, US retailers– get ’em!

[via apartment therapy]

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