Voltaic generator solar laptop bag
I am almost ashamed to admit the number laptop cords I’ve gone through over the last few years, but suffice it to say I’m on the lookout for better options.

What’s really cool is those cords may be obsolete sometime soon. Especially with innovations like solar laptop bags.

The Voltaic Generator solar laptop bag is the first solar bag that’s powerful enough to charge a laptop, with high efficiency cells and a battery pack that
converts the electricity that’s generated.

In non-geek speak: your bag gets sun, your stuff gets charged. You’ll get a slew of common
adapters for all your gadgets (lap top, cell phone, digital camera) or just go ahead and connect with a USB or car
charger. And if powering your laptop with solar energy isn’t green
enough for you, the bag itself is made from recycled PET, or soda bottles.

Not surprising, the bag comes with a hefty price tag. Although, possibly less hefty depending how many chargers you go through. -Kristen

You can learn more about the Voltaic Generator solar laptop bag at Econscious Market.

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