Music Balloon portable iPod speaker
My son is really into music and I can usually hear it blasting from his room, but the other day I was screaming and screaming…I mean requesting that he make his presence known.

No response.

I swung open his door and there he was, rocking out with his iPod, headphones in place. Oh, and I could hear the music from across the room.

Generally I’m not a big fan of headphones for kids, but he can’t drag his docking station everywhere he goes. I think these Music Balloons
might be the perfect solution. It’s a small, spongy, fun-shaped
portable speaker that kids can easily take anywhere. Simply charge it
using a USB adapter and plug it in for up to 4 hours of playback. They
even come in a few colors, so you can coordinate your daughter’s pink
Nano to the pink balloon speaker.

The sound quality is far from concert quality, but for devices
that don’t have built-in speakers, or to boost the audio from your
computer, it’s a really good option. At least now I don’t have to worry
about my son going deaf while listening to music; even his taste in
music sometimes makes me wish I was.–Betsy

You can find Music Balloons audio speakers for $45 by flying over to

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