123 Glow Coloring App for iPhone and iPad
With holidays officially starting this week (despite the carols that are already taking over the store speakers), I’ve been on the lookout for something festive, fun, and perhaps a little educational to get my kids in the Christmas spirit. And luckily I just happened upon an app that’s got all three of those ingredients, and at a smashingly great price.

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The highly lauded 123 Glow Coloring Book iPad and iPhone app, now complete with Christmas coloring pages is great for big and little Santa worshippers. It features a slew of coloring pages with their clever Smart Paint technology that makes it nearly impossible to color outside the lines–something that I don’t generally care about, but given the small space and the fact your kids are using their finger, it’s pretty darn cool.

Your kids can also color by touch with numbers and letters, all of which can be spoken in four different languages. Even Australian English. Who knew. It all adds a nice educational aspect to an already enchanting app.

Best of all, the paint glows, making for a pretty nice finished product, which you can save as a photo, or better, email to the grandparents. We’re at number ten here in just an hour, and counting! -Kristen

Today only, grab the 123 Glow app (which includes all their seasonal coloring pages plus Christmas) for just $1.99 (that’s 50% off the regular price)!

And for those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, there’s a Hanukkah coloring app too.

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