Hello Rewind custom t-shirt laptop sleeves
My husband and I are complete opposites in a lot of ways, but especially when it comes to keeping and tossing. Me being the tosser.

I do a monthly purge of my closet whereas he holds onto almost everything, somehow rationalizing that he will, once again, use it or wear it – like his favorite Air Force Academy shirt from almost 20 years ago. Fortunately, I now have a waaaay cooler use for it than keeping the cardboard box in the attic from getting lonely:

Turning it into a laptop sleeve.

Once your purchase a sleeve that fits your
computer, the very smart company Hello Rewind, will send you a shipping bag for your shirt, which you
send right off so they can work their magic. And if
you don’t have a favorite t-shirt or (it happens to be a bit rattier than
you remember), they’ve got a slew of pre-made choices that are still
pretty darn cool.

Best of all, proceeds from these sleeves go to support
a really great cause – giving new lives to sex
trafficking survivors. What an awesome gift in every way. -Kristen

Order your custom t-shirt laptop sleeve at Hello Rewind.

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