electrolux vac from the sea
It always amazes me when my 5-year-old son stops me as I throw away the teeniest tiniest piece of plastic – literally a twist-tie – and tells me I need to recycle it. We’re raising our kids to be little environmentalists and the level of awareness they can have at such a young age is incredible. Luckily, green is in, and words like organic, recycling and eco-friendly are becoming part of the daily vernacular, not just for us, but some big brand out there.

Big brands like Electrolux (think, Kelly Ripa) are jumping on the green bandwagon and making a concerted effort to reduce waste and operate more efficiently. Although saving the environment and vacuuming aren’t two things that you’d likely pair together.

The company has recently launched a line of 5 arty-meets-eco-mindful vacuums called Vac from the Sea around their Ultra One Green-model vac.
As eye-popping as they are, what makes them amazing is the fact that
they are made primarily of plastic debris collected from the ocean.

Electrolux recycled plastic vacuum cleaners - clean up the ocean

Each of the five vacuum designs represents the ocean from where the plastic was culled. The recycled plastic vacuums will eventually be auctioned off to raise money for environmental research.
Although there is no plan to offer these beautiful vacuums on the retail
market, Electrolux is taking an active role in making a change in the
environment and created these to raise consumer awareness. In fact, they’ve got a line of green Electrolux vacuums that launched in Europe – and we’re hoping they make it here soon.

For anyone
like me who gets oddly satisfied by vacuuming, I can only hope that
other companies follow suit and begin creating more aesthetically
pleasing (and environmentally friendly) vacuums. Not just me, but for my kids.  – Jeana

Read about the Vac from the Sea effort on the Electrolux blog.

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