Slap Nano 6
I am surely dating myself here when I confess that I had me one impressive collection of slap bracelets circa 1989. They were about a buck each at CVS as I recall, and it was nearly as savvy an allowance expense as four games of Donkey Kong or a few cans of New Coke.

So of course I was giddy to see that the slap bracelet is back – and it’s gone techy.

slap  bracelet for nano 6

If you’ve got kid who’s about to get the new iPod Nano 6under the tree, pair one of these fabulous iPod Nano slap bracelets
and make it that much cooler. Opt for the neon colors like pink and
lime green and you’ve got the perfect 80s throwback–with the exception
of the price which is $24.99.

Still, did your childhood slap bracelet tell the time or play Lady
Gaga into your headphones on car trips to Grandma’s house? I think not. –

Nab the Slap for iPod Nano from Griffin.
Find the iPod Nano 6 from Apple, or our affiliate Amazon

[via tuaw, h/t michael diamant]

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