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This morning we read about the new bad gift exchange system patented by Amazon, and we had to ask ourselves: Best idea ever? Or the end of graciousness as we know it?

CNN described it as “the nuclear option for gifts” – a kind of system that would allows you to flag certain friends or relatives, and swap their gifts for gift cards before that musical toilet paper holder even makes it to your door.

Yes, we like to poke fun at the worst gifts we receive from people who
presumably know us. (One of my Twitter followers mentioned that his mom
wrapped up a bottle of Axe body spray for him without irony; another
described a relative who asked for dried fruit, and instead got a box of
fruit roll-ups from his grown children.)

But do we really want to make it all official-like?

What do you think–would you ever use such a thing? Do you take the time to exchange bad gifts? Or do you hide those Hummels in the closet and trot them out whenever your Great Aunt Trudy comes for a visit? –Liz

[h/t bill gookin; image: snuggie]

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