angry birds gingerbread house
Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week, to round out 2010. We hope you will too.

The Angry Birds GingerbreadHouse by gaming blogger and brand new dad–congrats!– Zero-Lives ( will blow you away, right down to the green apple gumball pigs. Those infuriating, pompous, horrible pigs. (via wal-you, h/t jaden hair)

On Momformation, Kristen offers up 5 cool ways to use tech to get organized for the new year. Very smart.

A lot of blog readers make the resolution to lurk less, comment more. This Blogher post has great tips on being a better blog commenter.

A husband gets arrested for snooping into his wife’s email account. Hmmm…

We’ve enjoyed reading our favorite sites’ Best of 2010 posts. Like this on Unplggd about the best in reused, recycled, and handmade tech.

At Inhabitat, vote for your favorite green tech stories of the year.

The Nook e-Reader is officially Barnes & Noble’s best selling product in history. And the Kindle is Amazon’s. We sense a trend here for 2011.

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