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Best Buy Wish List is a sponsored series in which we feature all the
things we’re coveting at Best Buy–and then give you gift certificates so you can buy them yourself! Whee!

Best Buy has a selection of computers to swoon over and going through it, we’re kind of leaving drool marks on the screens of our own (in need of updating) laptops. Topping our wish list:

iPad at Best Buy

Did you know you don’t have to find an Apple Store for an iPad? They’re available here, along with other tablets, and those of us (ahem Liz) who don’t have one yet, would like one. Not just for playing Angry Birds on a bigger screen. Oh okay. Mostly for that.

toshiba kids pc

The Toshiba Kids PC is the first ever actual full-size computer made just for kids, and it’s only available at Best Buy. We raved about it earlier this year, and love it so much, it’s in our Tech Gift Guide. Don’t worry — the Kids PC comes loaded with lots of safety software. No chat roulette for you, second graders.

If you’re looking at Best Buy for computer gifts, a few good things to know: They’ve got a price-matching policy (which is terrific), and you can get no-interest financing on those purchases over $299. We also like that you get six free months of tech support through the Geek Squad Ask an Agent Service. Just make sure you call them about tech support, and not because you’re lonely or need tips on cooking your Christmas ham. –Kristen + Liz
Hit your local Best Buy Store to get help from the guys and gals in the blue shirts, and keep an eye out for daily and weekly computing deals in-store and online all month long!

Congratulations to our two lucky winners, Rachel M and Susan O, for both winning $500 gift cards to Best Buy. Happy shopping!

Also, follow Best Buy on Twitter and like the Best Buy Facebook fan page for plenty more great deals, events and updates.

The opinions here are solely that of Cool Mom Tech. Maybe a few other people.

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