No matter how many video games my kids play, they still like a good old fashioned board game. Monopoly is one of our favorites, and now there’s a new version that incorporates some modern twists into the age-old game.

Monopoly Revolution
definitely makes use of technology in a way that’s not for board game
purists, but might be for kids like mine who hate setting up the money.
Players use credit cards to purchase properties, so no more worries
about keeping track of paper money…or hiding it from your brother. And
passing Go generates a party tune while landing in jail sets off the
sound of a door slamming shut.

The new challenge may just be keeping within the credit limit. As with life. -Beth

Monopoly Revolution is available from Hasbro and retailers everywhere.

[h/t jaden hair]

Do you like to play the traditional board games, or would you appreciate old games with some new tricks?

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