I’m always on lookout for creative ways to display photos of my kids, and if took a peek around my house and in my jewelry box, you’d see everything from bags to jewelry and probably everything else in between. So when I saw the custom phone cases with photos of the fam, I knew I needed to try them out.

You simply upload your favorite photo to create your custom iPhone and Blackberry case at Case-mate, and then fit them to the case of your choice with a very easy-to-use website. The result is a hard case made from Lexan, which is stronger and sturdier than regular old plastic.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010
It not only makes your photos look beautiful, but ensures that the ink won’t rub off. Plus, you’ll get a silicone insert that keeps your phone snugly protected within the case as well as a screen protector kit. I could not be happier with mine.

Of course I’m happy that my phone is amply protected, but really, I’m glowing from all the compliments I’ve gotten–both on my cute kids and my very cool cellphone case. -Kristen

Check out the DIY Custom Cellphone cases for iPhone and Blackberry at Case-mate, and find this pick and other awesome holiday gift ideas on our Tech Gift Guide.

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