The way we see it, why buy something in plain black if you can buy it in ninja robot? In case you missed them recently, these CMT picks have cute-cool covered.

1. Need a place to store spare wires, connectors, rings, and sushi-shaped jump drives? How about inside a handy, handmade ninja robot?

2. These e-reader covers are about the coolest we’ve seen. Cute meets cool meets old school meets new school.

3. A magical tech device that can actually get your kids to start turning off lights and lower your utility bills? Totally.

4. We love this free alphabet app for kids that will teach them (and you) what an imbe is while encouraging more adventurous eating. This one’s cute and quirky. And quincey.

5. For only $1.99, this cool video app will take your iPhone movies back to 1970. Long live Super 8!

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