Back in the day, there were two choices for your camera bag: black faux leather or the padded canvas cube meant to hold a $5000 pro camera and lenses. I had to nestle my tiny point-and-shoot in a bed of socks to keep it from rattling around next to all the film canisters. Woe was me.

Fast forward to today, when cuteness and irony rule side by side. You’ve got choices galore.

It’s a little too big for just one camera, but this modly sweet Say Cheese tote bag (left) by yaelfran on Etsy is perfect for shopping or travel. The hip chick in the stripes is available with several other hair colors, too, so you can get all matchy-matchy, if you’re into that.

Handmade felt camera bag

This bright and cheery cutie from latelierdeluluu on Etsy is entirely handmade of soft felt with two buttons to keep your camera, iPhone, or other device safe and happy. She can also make custom sizes.

Camera-shaped camera bag

We’re totally not surprised that Ruche is selling an adorably clever camera bag shaped like–you guessed it–a camera. It’s affordable and comes with a wrist strap and a longer strap for carrying cross-body, and it even has room for extra memory cards and batteries.

[via GeekSugar]

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