It’s not often that I come across a kid’s app that is educational, artistic and fun, all in one. For real.

As much as I enjoy a funny app with a cat who repeats everything you say, or an app that’s simply a whoopee cushion (always a hit with the kids), there’s something to be said for an app like Animalia that goes far beyond what many kids’ apps provide.

If you’re familiar with Graeme Base’s classic book, you’ll be equally impressed with its complementary Animalia app for iPhone and iPodiPad too–which is just as beautifully illustrated as the real thing.

There are three separate games for kids of varying ages, which involve finding hidden items in the ornate drawings, finding Graeme or identifying mystery shapes within the pages. Although I don’t have an iPad (sniff), I downloaded the app to my iPhone and was impressed by the graphics. I will say though, that the experience is imaginably much better on the larger screen of an iPad, when you’re trying to find a small mosquito in a highly detailed illustration.

In addition to the games, your kids will have a great time repeating the fun tongue twisters like, Crafty Crimson Cats Carefully Catching Crusty Crayfish or Quivering Quails Queuing Quietly for Quills. Try saying those five times fast. -Jeana

Animalia for iPhone and iPod is available from iTunes for $2.99. Animalia for iPad is $3.99.

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