With all the discussion here on Cool Mom Tech about the best e-readers (you sure are passionate about your e-readers!) you might have forgotten about the iPad, which does a pretty awesome job showcasing all sorts of cool books.

If you are looking another reason to get an iPad, we’ve got one: the new NOOK kids app from Barnes & Noble which was just announced.

Reading books on an iPad can be more than just static words and pictures on a screen. Instead, kids can tap pictures to make sounds, flip pages back and forth with the touch of their finger, and enjoy super cool and very engaging graphics. It’s pretty awesome.

The free NOOK for kids app gives you access to over 240 interactive kids books so far, plus a Parents Corner so you can organize and determine which books are right for your kids based on their age. Barnes & Noble is offering two free introductory books from Richard Scarry and Rudyard Kipling, however be prepared to enter your credit card number to keep on file with the bookseller. This might seem a little surprising, but if you’ve got an iTunes account (which is hooked directly to your credit card) then it shouldn’t be too disconcerting.

Plus, if you’re stuck in the pediatrician’s office, you can download your kid’s favorite Olivia book in two seconds flat. -Kristen

Download the Barnes & Noble NOOK kids app at iTunes.com

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