Embarrassing confession: I spent so much time with my laptop on my lap one summer, I have permanent, if faded, dark marks on my thighs. Now I’m always telling myself that one day, I’m going to invest in a laptop tray of some sort.

In looking around I realized hey, there are some cute bed trays that do great double duty as a laptop tray. You know, when the kids aren’t serving me breakfast in bed at 11 AM. Ha.

I kind of love this mahogany wood veneer bed tray from CB2 complete with a heat-proof finish that means it can handle the underside of my MacBook. Besides, it comes at the rather miraculous price of $29.95, while plenty of laptop trays I’ve seen cost three times that. Seems like a smart option for those of us who catch up on work (or ahem, blogs) at night before lights out.

Of course I could always just keep my pants on when I type in bed. But what fun would that be? –Liz

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