A little birdie tells me that you might be a good person to ask for educational and child-friendly apps. I’m helping my boss sort out his iPhone and he has a four year old girl. I have a list that includes Cookie Doodle, Cut the Rope, Drawing Pad, Bloom and Angelina Dress Up.

Can you think of maybe 5-10 must-haves apps for her? -Gil

Gil, why what a smart little birdie that was! Indeed, I’ve got two girls, 3 and 5, and between them I’d imagine their favorite iPhone apps might be just the ticket for your boss’s 4 year-old.

1. PaperTown Friends (above)
This artfully lovely paper doll app is a huge favorite with my girls, and with our readers’ kids. Best of all? It’s quiet.

2. Pictureka
I like to play this Where’s Waldo-esque game too. Graphics are wonderful, and it’s not easy at all.

3. Cupcakes!
Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee. And no girl doesn’t like the make-your-own Cupcakes! app.

My Underwear by Todd Parr

4. My Underwear by Todd Parr
This recent release from the prolific children’s book author is great fun, particularly if the thought of underwear makes your daughter giggle.

5. Fish School
This sweet educational app has great graphics and cute sfx to help kids learn basic preschool skills like shapes, numbers and letters.

6. Readeez
Now that Readeez has gone mobile, kids can work on reading skills anywhere. Our readers are big fans.

7+8 Tales 2 Go and Children’s Storybook by Ruckus Media
You can never have too many storytime apps and these are both terrific. Especially when it’s Meryl Streep reading to your kids when you can’t.

9. Talking Tom
I reluctantly share this one with you. In fact, I put it on the list and took it off again about three different times. It’s my girls’ favorite, and it’s my least favorite. Enough said.

If you’re ever looking for new ones, the website Moms With Apps is a wonderful resource too. They’ve yet to steer me wrong. –Liz

What did we miss? What are your preschoolers favorite mobile apps?

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