Adding a fourth kid into the mix has meant I’ve really needed to streamline as much as I can around my house. But fortunately, that hasn’t necessarily meant a bunch of new gadget purchases. Just my handy smart phone that I already own, and making use of some of the awesome apps out there–like this new kids chore chart that I discovered.

The iRewardChart is a super smart kids chore chart app that allows you to customize everything from tasks to number of stars earned, to the actual rewards. You simply enter your kiddo’s name and picture, choose from a list of various tasks (or enter your own), and then decide how many stars seems fair for oh, making a bed or loading the dishwasher.

Whenever a chore gets done, click over to your helpful son or daughter’s name and press a star. Simple!

It sure beats the heck out of my post-it note allowance tracking system (heh), and actually inspired me to add a few other non-monetary rewards to the pot, like staying up late one night, or getting an extra 30 minutes of video game time.

While my only complaint is that the kids can’t actually see the chart hanging on the wall, they can easily ask to check in with it, like my daughter does. Or if your kids are on your phone as much as my kids are on mine, then they can check it themselves. And that’s why there’s a handy lock feature too. -Kristen

The iRewardChart comes in two versions – Lite (free) or Full ($3.99)that you can purchase at My suggestion: Go for the full version. It’s fantastic.

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