I’m the happy new owner of an iPad and I actually like the Apple case for its simple design, small form and the ability to flip it completely open or close it to cover the screen.  However, I am not excited about the boring black. Have you found any you love that aren’t bulky and offer some simple protection and can prop up?  I like to just drop my iPad in my purse when I run between home and work. -Amy

Hi Amy–That is a great question, as I’ve also been looking to replace my functional, black iPad case. I decided that I needed a stand for the times my kids want to watch movies, or for reading.

Of course with so many styles to choose from, it really depends on your needs. Here are some alternatives for those who feel color is the new black. –Beth

Case Mate iPad Stand

If you are looking for an iPad case that not only pops with color but with an impact-resistant exterior, then the Case-Mate Venture Reptile iPad Stand ($89.99) fits the bill. While it is an investment, the look of the textured case makes me want to carry it outside my bag as a techcessory.  Also  don’t miss the gold Venture case that our writer Melissa adored.

Sena ZipBook

If you like the feel of a leather handbag, the Sena Zipbook ($69.95) comes in red with a clamshell design and flip out stand. Although I find the case to be heavier then most, the lining has a protective layer of shock-absorbent padding that can offer fashionable protection from the inevitable (gasp) accidental drop that every family experiences at some time or another.

Incase Origami sleeve

A lighter and more affordable option is the Incase Origami iPad Sleeve ($34.95, also seen at top) that folds into an iPad stand. The case is  beautiful in pink, and folding it shouldn’t require experience in the actual art of Origami. The price is pretty appealing too. Although when you’re protecting an investment like an iPad, I’d say don’t let price be too much of a factor in your decision; go for what works the best for your needs.

Hope these help!

The Sena Zipbook and the Incase Origami Sleeve can be found at the Apple retail or online store. The Case-Mate iPad cases can be found online at Case-Mate.com.

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