As a mom with 3 kids (and a whole lot of technology), I am always looking for ways to tame my skyrocketing home utility bills. So I was interested when I saw that Current Cost added a new monitor to their line-up which not only allows people to identify energy usage from devices in the home, but also monitors your water, gas and electric meters.

Current Cost EnivR offers real time display of the home power consumption–so no utility bill surprises. They also partnered with Google PowerMeter, a tool that lets you check out your home energy consumption from anywhere online through a personal homepage. No doubt an Android app will follow.

I love the idea that showing my family their power usage in a tangible way might help them remember to shut off the lights when they leave the house. Besides, the whole system looks pretty great; the new colors coming out mean you can coordinate with your kitchen or your office, or grab a green monitor to match your green efforts. –Beth