Here’s the lastest installment of Dads Dig This from Kevin Burke, a dad, marketer, social media fan, and founder of

I prefer to move through life as unencumbered as possible. That means being efficient, tossing paper, and going digital. Granted, I’m certainly not always successful, but I aspire to it. And one way I’ve made life decidedly easier is moving trivial data from my head right to my computer with SplashID.

As a busy dad, I don’t have the time and energy memorize different member names, passwords, credit card numbers, registration codes, and PINs, so I let this cool program do it for me.

All of those important numbers and codes are in one convenient and secure application on my Macbook which also syncs with my iPhone! So when I’m filling out forms in the doctor’s office and they want my wife’s social security number, our health insurance group, and my primary care doc’s phone number, I have them all handy in one place. Very smart.

And don’t worry, even if I were to lose my laptop or phone, all the data is safe because it’s stored with encryption, which is probably more than I can say about my head on some days.

Purchase SplashID at the Splash Data online store.

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