I’ve spent who knows how long trying to track down cool kids sheets for my daughter who, unlike her older sister, could care less about princesses, fairies, and Dora offerings. Secretly (or not too secretly), that makes me verrrry happy. But it also makes it a little more challenging.

Of course I spent some time perusing the cool kids sheet sets we’ve featured at Cool Mom Picks, but I decided to poke around at one of my favorite geeky shops–and look what I found!

The Geeky Kids sheet set features original artwork based on a poem called “The Geekling’s Dream” about a pirate and ninja crossing swords, astronauts and aliens. The whimsical drawings in bright colors make them fairly gender neutral, and perfect for little and bigger geeks alike.

I have to laugh at the totally geeky humor–like the Unicorn who says “I exist!” and the spaceman who asks “Pluto?” And at 50% off, I might just need to get two sets so I’m not refereeing battles over cool sheets between my kids. -Kristen

Purchase the Geeky Kids sheet set, now 50% off, at ThinkGeek.

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