What do Justin Bieber, Glee, iPad, and bankruptcy have in common? They were all the top Google searches between 2005 and 2010.

And you can sit on them.

Thanks to Etsy store Elasticco, you can now order your own Google pillow showcasing the top Google searches from the year of your choice.

The Google pillow is made of natural army duck cotton canvas with black screen printing, and it’s stuffed with a mix of down and feathers. There’s even a zipper on back for cleaning purposes, although it also reminds me of one of Lady Gaga’s outfits, so that’s topical, too.

I know plenty of people who received a newspaper from the day they were born or a framed copy of Newsweek. And that’s great, but the Google pillow doesn’t show us what the news wanted us to know. It reminds us of what we, ourselves, wished to learn about. And, yeah, that’s a little scary, since Britney Spears is on the 2007 pillow.

But I can think of no greater memorabilia gift for modern babies than a pillow highlighting the world’s trending internet topics that year. Maybe you could even pair it with a Snuggie for a gift that really says, “Welcome to a crazy world, kid.” –Delilah

Get your own Google pillow from Elasticco on Etsy. If you let your kids jump up and down on Paris Hilton, we won’t tell.

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