When I put together our Nook vs. Kindle e-reader comparison, one of the major differences between the two was that the Nook allows you to borrow books from the library–a nice feature if you’re a fast reader or don’t necessarily need to own every single one of Kurt Vonnegut’s books.

But now, Kindle has upped the ante by allowing you to loan books with fellow Kindle owners.

The new Kindle loan process seems simple–decide what book you want to loan, click “Loan This Book” on the “Your Orders” page, and Amazon will email your recipient. Then she’s got 14 days to enjoy the book for free on her own Kindle or Kindle app. Pretty cool.

If you’ve got another Kindle user in the house or even amongst your friends, this could be a great way to read and share e-books without doling out cash every single time. And Galleycat has even created a Kindle Lending Discussion Board so you can share with other Kindle owners who might have what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind, that it’s not yet available for all books; lending decisions come directly from the publisher. And once the book is loaned out, you can’t both read it at the same time. But what a nice way to save some money and get access to more great books. -Kristen

Check out the Amazon help page to learn how to loan your Kindle books.

[via Galleycat]

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