My 1st grade daughter and nearly four-year-old son are now at the age where they can understand a bit about why the mail doesn’t come and kids have off school today. I’m looking forward to the beginning of important discussions about Martin Luther King Jr. and why his is a memory worth honoring.

I tracked down two very cool e-books about Dr. King that I think they’re really enjoy.

Martin’s Dream (above) is an interactive early reader kids book available on the NOOKColor or on the iPad via the NOOK for Kids iPad app, and through easy to read text and gorgeous artwork, highlights various events throughout King’s life.

Martin Luther King Jr. ebook

Older kids might enjoy Martin Luther King Jr. by David Colbert (right) which discusses 10 important days in King’s life, including, of course, his famous “I have a dream” speech. You can purchase this book for NOOK or it’s also available on iTunes via the free iBooks app for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

I doubt Dr. King could have imagined that his story would live on through something called an e-reader. What a great way to introduce them to a man who did so much for our country. -Kristen

Purchase Martin’s Dream through the NOOK for Kids iPad App, and Martin Luther King Jr. at both the Barnes & Noble NOOK store and via the free iBooks app.

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