As nice as paper cards can look, do people still pick up the phone to RSVP anymore? Not in my world, which definitely is a downer when I’ve invited 50 people to a big event. Now, there is a company that is figuring out a way to marry the convenience of technology with the tangible, hang-on-the-refrigerator presence of a paper card.

It’s cool–but will it catch on?

Paperspring, the cool custom printing company that brought us Sticky Stock wall calendars, has introduced Paperlinks, invitations and birth announcements with a QR code printed on the back of the card.

With a swipe of their iPhone over this code, your guests will be brought directly to a personalized microsite you’ve created for your event, from a baby shower to a holiday party to a child’s first birthday. A URL is printed on the card to allow those of us Android users to get to the microsite too.

paperlinks qr code invitation

One big challenge I have: To make the Paperlinks QR code work with your phone, you’ll need to download the free Paperlinks app first. While downloading an app is so very painless, this could be one step too many for for guests, especially when etiquette is waning and I find I’m sometimes chasing down my RSVPs. If it gets as big say, evite, and Paperlinks becomes the invite service of choice, I could see it catching on.

Until then, it just seems like a cool way to make a regular invite something a little more special. -Christina

Find out more about Paperlinks, which currently can be added to a Paperspring card at no extra charge.

What do you think? Psyched to try it, or is it a bit ahead of its time?

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