I’m in last minute party planning mode for my son and during one of my late night searches for handmade party goods, I came across these some awesome Super Mario Brothers cupcake toppers from Portland-based Artisan Cake Company and just had to share.

As a mom of kids who seem to be obsessed with characters that aren’t widely available, it’s nice to be able to find cool handmade options. Especially ones like these that have such wonderful attention to detail; they look like they were taken right off the screen.

What a fantastic treat for that special Super Mario obsessed little kid (or big ones–hello dads!). Of course, I’m trying to find a way to rationalize the edible Angry Birds cake toppers myself. Yes, I’m just that obsessed. -Kristen

You can buy the Super Mario cupcake toppers from Artisan Cake Company’s website or stop by their Etsy shop. And if you don’t see a character you’re looking for, convo them!

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