Back when I was a Jetsons-loving adolescent, I used to think how cool it’d be in the year 2000 when we’d all have our own robots who followed us around and carried our stuff for us. So, it’s 2011, and I was wondering where my robot dreams had gone when I stumbled upon a whole flock of robots that are definitely ready to serve. Or just look cute on the dresser.

The Robot Pouches from Toronto’s Anatomy of a Skirt are part handy zippered pouch, part room decor and part ZOMG is that a Ninja Robot? Not sure about a Ninja? How about a raccoon, Yeti, or even a Viking Robot Pouch.

Lovingly crafted in very limited quantities, often of recycled and vintage materials, I’d use my robot to hold all those little doodads that magically appear on my dresser. At under 6″ tall and just a few inches wide, we’re not talking major storage here, but just big enough to hold the few things that don’t seem to have a home anywhere else. Or, stuff your iPod in your robot, toss him in your bag, and your robot is ready to travel.

I’m sure my kids would stuff their robot with a collection of odds and ends: favorite rocks, barrettes, plastic rings, or candy wrappers. Or come to think of it, they might be best with the Invisible Robot Pouch–so I can always see just  what’s going in that pouch. -Christina

Check out the entire menagerie of Robot Pouches at Anatomy of a Skirt. 

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