RSS5000 app for iPad
For the last few years, I’ve read my favorite blogs and websites on Bloglines, a free service that organizes all your feeds in one handy place. Since it was taken over and revamped by Merchant Circle, I just haven’t had the time or the energy to re-enter all my blogs. And while many folks love Google Reader, I admit that it completely overwhelms me.

Well, I think I just discovered the holy grail of feed readers. (Seriously. After I started using it, I texted Liz twice to say you have to get this!)

RSS5000 is a handy, smart iPad app that works with your Google Reader account to allow you to read your blogs like you’re flipping through a magazine.

If you were a Bloglines user like me, it will take you a few seconds to send all your old feeds over to a free Google Reader account, or if you already use Google Reader, you’re ready to go!). Then you purchase RSS500, login with your Google Reader information, and viola – all your blogs and websites are right there! Just click on the post you want to read, and it pops open right on your screen as if you were reading it on the blog itself. Then, simply swipe the page to see the next post in your queue.

RSS5000  can be a little slow to load, but not to the point of being annoying. What’s particularly great is that there are no weird headers, funky excerpts or formatting issues at all.  In a word – heavenly. -Kristen

You can purchase RSS5000 for $4.99 at the iTunes store. And yes, it’s worth every penny.

[via swiss-miss]

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