I was once at a scrapbooking party where each of us had the simple (or not so simple) task of creating a page for my friend’s baby book. There were piles of paper, letters, shapes, designs, and it took me a long time to figure out what to pick and choose. It kind of felt like when I go to Michael’s and get overwhelmed by the limitless craft choices and end up leaving with a box of crayons.

Scrapbooking sounds good in theory, but I just never found my groove with it. Luckily, I came across a couple iPhone apps that make the process a whole lot easier.

The eScrap App provides the effects of scrapbooking and lets you pretty up your photos, but with the ease of the tap and swipe motion we’ve come to love. Its original intent is to let you “scrapbook on-the-go” (wow, you have
to be a serious scrapbooker to need to do it on-the-go, right?) but it’s also an option for anyone who wants to create a fancier photograph with text and captions, and share it via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Mobile scrapbooking apps for iPhone and iPad

I will say the themes are not particularly sophisticated. If you’re into clean, modern design or have more of an urban sensibility, then I would check out another app called Coolibah. This app is free to download and it comes with about 30 pages that you can add text, “elements” (little icons and graphics), photos, and different fonts. You also have the option to purchase additional pages and templates from the app (300+ options) for $0.99 each. Although this can quickly add up, the designs are chic and will definitely add pizazz to any photo.

All these design options with these apps may give me enough ideas so I won’t have to leave Michael’s in a cold sweat. -Jeana

eScrap ($1.99), eScrap Lite (free) and Coolibah (free) for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch are available on iTunes.

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