We’re still in the throes of New Year excitement, at the beginning of January when resolve is still strong, gyms are packed and old habits haven’t reared their ugly heads. Yet.

Although certain resolutions may lose their luster, we’ve got a few tech resolutions that are easy to make, and easy to keep. And hey–if you hate the idea of making resolutions, we can just call them “very good ideas.”

Use technology to stay organized:
We recently did a post on techorating tips from Apartment Therapy’s Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, and he offered some great suggestions on how to integrate design and technology together with devices like the Duracell myGrid charger that can keep that tangle of cords away from the baby.

We’ve also detailed 5 ways to stay organized, including really helpful, parent-friendly apps and services.

Get rid of old gadgets responsibly:
Those cell phones that are hidden in the depths of your cabinet aren’t doing you any favors. Recycle them responsibly with services like ReCellullar or check out this recent post about free gadget recycling resources.

De-clutter your desktop and clean up your PC: 
Take an hour or two to go through your desktop and delete unnecessary documents, cookies, files, photos. Do you really need to keep that folder of documents from 2005? You’d be surprised at how much all this extra stuff can weigh down your computer and compromise speed and performance. You can also download a free, handy dandy tool like Defraggler to do the dirty work for you and help your computer perform better.

Create better passwords:
Yes, we have to remember countless passwords for the ATM, e-commerce sites, social networks, online banking, the PTA online group, and a whole lot more. But every security expert advises keeping the passwords long, strong, and varied. Don’t have the same password for every site and the more you’re able to mix it up, the less likely you are to get hacked. For example, instead of having your password be something simple like 12345, create a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. Here are some more tips from wikihow for choosing a secure password.

External hard drive

Back up your data!
Do you want to lose those priceless baby pictures you never printed? Of course not. To keep them protected, it is essential to back up your data on a regular basis. Depending on what you prefer, you can either choose an external hard drive (I like Lacie products), or hit the cloud for data backup options that you can access from anywhere, at any time. There are many to choose from, but Dropbox and SugarSync are smart, free options for 2GB worth of data, or upgrade for more.

Double check privacy settings on Facebook:
It can get confusing to wade through all the options to secure your account and ensure that the whole world isn’t seeing the photos that someone tagged of you from that one debauched night in 1999. There are indeed ways to secure your Facebook account and ZDNet just came out with a good Facebook Lockdown Guide to step you through the process.

If you make some tech-focused resolutions, who knows–maybe this year, they’ll stick. -Jeana

Any other tech resolutions that you’d like to add? We love to hear your suggestions!

[photo Ink & Iron]

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