I’ll admit it. Twitter has me wrapped around its little finger. Now I’m turning the tables.

Those of us who can’t go a day without Twitter and spend our life thinking in 140 characters or less will be glad to know that we can finally wear our tweets on our frantically typing fingers, and in a choice of three different metals no less.

Tweet-rings.com is a clever new site that allows you to have up to 140 characters engraved with laser precision on each side of a ring. You can select from stainless steel, sterling silver, or titanium–but they’re all pretty pricey, ranging from $120 to $150. Luckily, they do offer a 30-day return policy and a size guarantee.

They are in Europe, so you’ll have to convert your ring size, but they offer a ring sizing card with each order. If you’re wary of ordering from Europe or iffy on the price, you can always check Etsy for a custom, hand-hammered band. You might not be able to fit 140 stamped characters, but there’s no rule about how long a tweet has to be. For example, I just tweeted, Huzzah for Tuesday and the possibility of awesomeness! That has a nice ring to it. -Delilah

Visit Tweet Rings to check out the world’s first Tweet Rings

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