Judging from comments on the posts here, and pithy reports from our Facebook fans, I’m not the only Mac fan that frequents these here pages. And this week, at last, you’ve finally got a central spot to download all those excellent apps in the brand new Apple App Store.

There are more than 1000 apps at the Apple App Store, both free and paid, just like you find when you’re downloading apps from iTunes. In fact, it works just like the one on your iPhone; you just download the app to your computer and launch it right from your dock. It uses the same password and account as you’ve already got, so it’s super easy to keep your workhorse apps like iPhoto or iTunes up to date, especially when you’re crazy busy, like me, and tend to ignore those notifications. (Oy, you don’t even want to know how out of date my iTunes was last year.)

Of course what’s really fun is finding new apps to play around with. I’m really excited to check out some of the photo tools, the organizational help, and of course, learning apps for the kids. I think I’ll stay clear of Angry Birds though; I’ve got it on two devices already. Any more and I’ll need an intervention. –Liz

Download the new Apple App Store to your dock and get ready to find some fun new apps!

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